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The page builder for developers

Build fully customizable and easy to use Wordpress websites – with Layotter, the drag-and-drop page builder for developers!

As a professional Wordpress developer, you've probably got your own theme boilerplate, a favorite grid system, project structure, … you name it. So why should your page builder dictate its own HTML or CSS structure? Why should it come with a ton of predesigned modules that won't fit your client's design anyway? We believe it shouldn't. So Layotter doesn't.

If you like ACF, you'll love Layotter

Layotter is based on Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), a very popular Wordpress plugin that lets you create wildly complex forms without having to write any code. Thanks to ACF, building a simple Layotter element takes as little as 15 lines of code:

class Text_Element extends Layotter_Element {
    protected function attributes() {
        $this->title       = 'Text';
        $this->description = 'A very simple text element.';
        $this->icon        = 'font'; // pick an icon from Font Awesome
        $this->field_group = 'group_abc1337'; // your ACF field group
    protected function frontend_view($fields) {
        echo $fields['content']; // what visitors will see
    protected function backend_view($fields) {
        echo $fields['content']; // what editors will see
Layotter::register_element('text', 'Text_Element');

Read the installation instructions to get started, or head directly to the tutorial on how to create an element type.

Some more features you'll enjoy

By the way, Layotter 2 is in the making…

Check out the (terribly named) modular branch on Github to learn more about the the upcoming release.