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Installing Layotter

Clone from Github or simply download the latest version and install like any other WordPress plugin.

As stated in the introduction, Layotter requires the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Wordpress plugin for form creation, so please install that as well. Both the the free and paid versions of ACF are supported.

This documentation assumes a good understanding of Wordpress theme development and common Wordpress API functions like add_filter() and wp_enqueue_script() (just to name a few).

Automatic updates

Layotter isn't available on the public Wordpress repository yet. To get automatic updates, install the Github Updater plugin (no configuration required – just drop it into your Wordpress site).

First steps

Layotter works out of the box and comes with an example element type that you can use to get started and play around with the drag-and-drop editor. You can disable the default element type at any time on Layotter's settings page. Once you feel familiar with the editor, move to the next page to learn how to create your first own element type.